Dienstag, 24. Januar 2017

Firesorm Armada: Magnetizing Cruisers

Got me some shiny new toys for Firestorm Armada. And to keep the possibility to play all the options, i magnetized the cruisers for my new Rense System Navy.

More after the jump.

After cleaning the models in warm water and removing the flash and mold lines, i drilled holes in the sides of the cruiser. The position of the holes is measured to fit the thickest part of the additional parts.

I use 3x2mm magnets for this purpose. After all holes are done, the magnets are glued in.

Then the cruiser/heavy cruiser parts are prepared. First a 1.5mm hole and the widening the hole for the head of a nail.

After making some nails a head shorter, the heads are glued in the holes.

Done. Now i can field the cruisers in either variant. :)

Regards and stay tuned for updates.

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