Mittwoch, 10. April 2019

WiP-Shot: Dust 1947 Terrain

I started with a small DUST 1947 Raketentruppe force, bought me the Starter Pack. It comes with a Dessert Mat and some 2D terrain. So i made some stuff, to expand it to 3D.

Got me some plastic trees of amazon.

The i cut some cardboard bases and printed me images of the tiles in a smaller format. Glued all together and voila, 3D terrain.

In the picture is the prototype, will be making more when there is time. :)

Regards and stay tuned for updates.

Montag, 1. April 2019

Kingdom Death Monster: Survivors

Finished the next batch of survivors for Kingdom Death: Monster

With this 6 gals and guys i have nearly all the weapon options currently in my settlement. :)

Next steps will be the painting of the Nemesis Monsters, and after that, survivors with specific armor and weapon sets.

Regards and stay tuned for updates.