Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2016

Infinity: Role indicators for generic models

After two starter sets for my Military Order i thought about a way to discern the generic order sergeants models in their battlefield role.

This is what i came up with:

left: Hacker; right: Foreward Observer
More after the jump.

I decidec to make some small markers to identify the seperate battlefield roles on generic models. First i got me some pics for each role (taken from this wonderful marker generator) and printed them out in the size of 10mm circles. Second i got some washers of the same size.

 A little work with the scissor and we have this:

These were glued to the washers.

The washers were choosen because they are metal and will be held by magnets. And luckily a magnetized all my Infinity minis, so there is a magnet to hold the marker on the mini.

So now i can easily remember, which order sergeant (or the father knight from the first pic) has what role.

Regards and stay tuned for updates:

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