Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016

Dreadball Game Summary

The Sponsor of the Red Neck Breakers brings to you this new and exciting game summary. :)

In preparation of the league in our gaming club one player wanted to try out the Tsudochan in a test game. So everything was set up and the cameras kept on recording. Both teams entered the pitch and the game begun:

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The first two rounds were uneventful, both teams did not happen to score. Starting with turn 3 the tsudochan scored one point, contered by some fantastic playing of the marauders, re-scoring.

After that, the tsudochan trainer really got the hang of the push ability and started with a 4-points-strike, followed by a 3-points-strike. Now the marauders got angry and answered with an unnecessary level of violence (in the interview after the game, the marauder trainer stated, that all actions were legal). This "legal" course of play killed one tsudochan and removed two others with severe injuries. Even some points could be made.

With only tree players on the pitch, the tsudochan trainer managed to execute an unbelievable move, pushing away the threatening marauders from the scoring area, sprinting and pushing himself in possession of the ball and on the 3-point-strike-zone. And being really lucky, the two dice of the throw showed a 1 and a 5, winning this game in a 7-point-landslide.

Congratulation to the trainer of the tsudochen for this amazing game.

Regards and stay tuned for updates.

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